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Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

Welcome to Photo With A Spin, 2022!

With the ongoing pandemic and state of the world, last year was a bit rocky when it came to travel. However, we managed to visit both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks! But, between the weather and wildfires, we were limited in what we could see (and take pictures of) and do. Our blog posts were also few and far between, with both of us busy working full-time.

That being said, Photos With A Spin is a passion project, and we want to see it grow! So, for 2022, we hope to create more consistent content with two blog posts every month. Thursdays will be our days, starting with today, so be sure to follow us to receive emails whenever there is a new post!

Maggie and Abe in front of Yellowstone National Park sign. New blog post, and blog title: Looking Forward to the Year Ahead written on graphic.

Living in the greater Metro D.C. area, you can expect to see us visiting national monuments, battlefields,historic places and national and state parks for wildlife photography.

While we haven’t been abroad since 2019 and are itching to visit places outside the United States, we still think it is safer to hold off another year. As of now, we have two trips in the works, one to the Outer Banks in North Carolina in the spring and the other a fall foliage road trip encompassing Vermont and New Hampshire for sure and possibly Maine and New York.

We hope you’re staying happy and healthy and that you’ll join us on our adventures throughout 2022! Happy New Year!

Until next time!

Maggie & Abe

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