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Photos With A Spin

Welcome to our reprieve from what can be a crazy world! We are Abe Waugh and Maggie Redden, and we absolutely love to travel.

It all began with our honeymoon in March 2017. We embarked on a self-drive, whirlwind tour of the Republic of Ireland, taking photos with a point and shoot camera, and our cellphones. We’ve since graduated to more serious, yet amateur, photography using DSLRs. While we initially set out to just share our adventures through our best photos, we’ve expanded our hobby to explore, document, and share our take on the wheelchair accessibility of each place we discover.

South African Safari

If you ever have the opportunity to go on safari in Africa…GO! This trip was a Maggie bucket list item, but Abe was equally excited. It took us some time […]

Honeymoon in Ireland

We’ll always have fond memories of Ireland because it was our honeymoon! To write this, we had to spend some time reminiscing about March 2017. We love a good self-driven […]